January 10, 2017

Ice Accumulation Slope RoofWinter weather means ice and snow build up on your building's roof. Leaving this unchecked can lead to serious issue. READ MORE





January 3, 2017

Toronto SkylineBuilding a Condo, a Rental or a Reputation? READ MORE





December  15, 2016

EIFSAesthetic Upgrades Discounted by a Pay-Back. READ MORE





November 2, 2016

AsbestosPSPC has released a list of buildings with asbestos. READ MORE





November 1, 2016

Montreal SkylineA recent report finds that schools in Quebec are in desperate need of repairs. READ MORE





October 13, 2016

The Role of an EngineerWhat does an engineer do, anyway? READ MORE


October 11, 2016

Amazon Distribution CentreThe new Amazon Distribution centre, which CCIG did the structural design and review, was featured on Breakfast Television.  READ MORE


September 16, 2016

Toronto SkylineKeep on booming Toronto, you crazy diamond. READ MORE


September 15, 2016

Air QualityManaging the air quality in your unit is an important step to maintaining good health and safety. READ MORE





September 1st, 2016

Toronto Population Boom

Don't know what a purpose-built rental is? You will soon as they are poised to take over the Canadian real estate market. READ MORE


August 28th, 2016

LifeCorps Food Share

CCIG Donates to LifeCorps Food Share.  READ MORE








August 15th, 2016

Toronto Rental Market

GTA rental market is doing fine, thanks for asking. READ MORE







August 11th, 2016

Toronto Condo Market

Despite fears of a slowdown, the TO condo market has low risk. READ MORE






August 9th, 2016

Office Space

Calgary loses office space and Toronto gains the same amount of office space. READ MORE





July 28th, 2016

Toronto Hirise

An increase in renters in Toront, driven mostly by cost, has translated into an increase in highrise construction.  READ MORE








July 25th, 2016

Commercial Building

Non-residential investment sees an increase after a long decline.  READ MORE





  July 21st, 2016

Building Exterior

The first impression of a building is its exterior. Before you embark on a facelift for your building, there are a few factors to consider first.  READ MORE







May 25th, 2016

Hot Weather Concrete

 With the onset of warm weather, you need to understand how it might affect concrete.  READ MORE





May 25th, 2016

Noise Regulations

 New noise regs in Ontario mean you're going ot have to turn down your music at work. READ MORE






May 13th, 2016

Concrete Cracks

 Concrete has impressive record for durability, but it can crack nonetheless. READ MORE





April 25th, 2016

Office Condo

With increasing lease rates and lowering interest rates, business owners are looking at office condos as a more affordable option. READ MORE








April 19th, 2016


The Federal Government has banned the use of asbestos in building materials for new construction and renovations. READ MORE







April 5th, 2016



A poorly maintained roof can be very costly in the long run. Regular maintenance can help your buildings largest investment. READ MORE





March 9th, 2016

Fan Coil MouldDon't treat mould in your building like it's a four letter word - read this post to see what you can do about it. READ MORE






February 16th, 2016

CalgaryCalgary and Toronto lead Canadian cities in Commercial Construction in 2015, according to Avison Young. READ MORE




February 11th, 2016

OversightBefore you install a new piece of equipment for your property, you need to ensure it has gone through a proper review. READ MORE







February 5th, 2016

KW SkylineK-W is in the midst of a condo boom, mostly driven by the tech sector, including the Google headquarters. READ MORE