CCI Group (CCIG) offers consulting services to identify and define your green options.


CCIG embraces the concepts of sustainability and energy conservation when it comes to offering our services. We believe it's important to keep a focus on a livable environment, for now and for future generations. Recent advances in building technology has made choosing the sustainable option environmentally friendly as well as the smart financial choice. By reducing the amount of energy a building uses, building owners and property managers can lower costs and maintain profitability

We always keep sustainability in mind when we are designing, reviewing, testing and inspecting. We offer LEED Consultation, Energy Audits, Energy Modelling and Alternative Energy options for your building or structure.


Our Services Include Structural and Geotechnical Design for:


  • Green Roofs
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbines


For more information on our sustainability services, please contact us.

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