Building Science

Building Science CCI Group
CCI Group (CCIG) has decades of experience in the evolving field of Building Science.

Since our beginnings in 1972, building science has been one of our primary focuses. We've worked on some of the most notable buildings that dot city skylines across Canada. As buildings and building systems are getting more sophisticated,  our team keeps up with the latest developments in the industry to ensure our clients receive the most innovative, yet cost-effective, solutions to their building science challenges.


Our team offers a full range of specialty consulting for building cladding systems, roofing, insulation, vapour control, and a wide range of material consulting services. Whether you are need help with new construction or need investigative and design services for existing buildings, CCI Group has the expertise to meet your needs.

Building Envelope

In order to protect your investment, you need to be assured that the envelope of your building is problem-free and giving you the best possible performance. Our team works closely with owners, architects and contractors to craft building envelope systems on new construction projects exceed expectations. For existing buildings we provide thorough investigations of windows, cladding, roofs and all other components to keep your building functioning as well as to ensure you receive a solid return on your investment. 


Our Services Include:

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