Litigation Support and Forensic Services

Our team has decades of experience providing support services in litigation support and forensic investigations.

We provide support services in forensic investigations and litigation due to varying degrees of building component damage or failure as well as accident assessments. A wide offering of professional services in an ever-expanding range of specialties gives us the range of knowledge required to provide forensic investigations and litigation support on a wide range of issues.

Litigation Support

We've provided our professional expertise and served as expert witnesses on thousands of legal cases regarding the interpretation of the Building Code Act and the regulations of various provincial building codes. Our team has provided expert witness testimony at civil litigation, small claims court, and government housing tribunals. Our experience working on thousands of projects gives us the expertise to comment and review the obligations of both municipalities and building owners in terms of municipal property standards, property maintenance and occupancy by-laws.

Forensic Services

Our team has performed investigations of a broad range of failures, including fire investigationsbuilding component related failuresmetallurgical failure analysis and industrial accident investigations. We can assess the cause of the failure or loss and asses the structural damage quickly and efficiently.



Our Services Include:
  • Structural Collapse Assessments
  • Failure Analysis
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Litigation Support
  • Fire Damage Assessments
  • Failure Analysis
  • Industrial Accident Assessments
  • Stair Fall Assessments
  • Slip and Fall Assessments
  • Snow and Ice Control Assessments


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