Reserve Fund/Capital Expenditure Plans/Depreciation Reports

CCI Group (CCIG) leads the industry in providing reserve fund studies, capital expenditure plans and depreciation reports to a wide variety of residential and commercial developments.


Our team has prepared thousands of reserve fund studies, depreciation reports and capital expenditure plans for condominiums, community centres and recreational facilities. Our experience, combined with our expertise, gives us the capability needed to produce quality reports for our clients. 


Reserve Fund Studies

The goal of a Reserve Fund Study is to ensure that the condominium corporation has enough funds to cover major repairs and replacement of common elements, such as windows, boiler, carpets, security system and the roof. Ontario law requires that within a year of registration, a condominium corporation perform a Class 1 Comprehensive Reserve Fund Study

A Class 2 Reserve Fund Study includes a site visit, while a Class 3 Reserve Fund Study does not. Class 2 and Class 3 should be conducted alternatively every three years

CCIG has a qualified and experienced project team that have delivered thousands of detailed Reserve Fund Studies on-time and suited to our client needs.

Depreciation Reports 

With recent changes in regulations, strata corporations in British Columbia are required to perform a Depreciation Report by December 2013. Updates to the Depreciation Report are required every three years.  Strata corporations are required to perform Depreciation Reports to ensure there are sufficient funds for major repairs or for replacing common components of the Strata. 

Our Vancouver office specializes in Depreciation Reports and our team is up on the latest developments in the regulations. We have the expertise you need to ensure that your Strata Corporation has a Depreciation Report done quickly, correctly and efficiently.

Capital Expenditure Plans

Before a building owner or property manager can estimate future major repair or replacement costs, they need to determine the current condition of the building or facility. A Capital Expenditure Plan is a long-term review of the building or facility and provides a schedule for major replacements, along with cost estimates. Our team specializes in property and building reviews and have performed them on a wide-range of different buildings and facilities.


Our Services Includes Studies/Plans For:
  • Public and Municipal Facilities
  • Social Housing
  • Multi-Residential
  • Shopping Centres
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Co-ownerships
  • Co-operatives

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